Colors of Montenegro

Montenegro was a wonderful surprise. Rugged, beautiful and wild, this little country is a feast for the eyes and the soul as it lets you discover it step by step, rock by rock.

We did pass by Budva and Kotor but seeing how they were swarming with tourists, we quickly decided we should go south, to the less crowded area of Bar. A reason more to come back - maybe in the fall or spring for these two amazing historical towns - and a mountain trip wouldn't hurt either, right? So many places to go, so little time.

Anyway, we found what we were looking for in the region of Bar and we rejoiced the Adriatic waves as they crashed against the bluish pebble of the coast. I'll always remember that stormy day though, with the sea relentlessly eating at the shore, hungrier and hungrier, wind sweeping through our hair, and that local (must have been local!) who stripped down to his bathing shorts and let himself engulfed by the waves. 

He didn't swim for long, though. It was just like he wanted to shake off some deep sorrow into the untamed sea, not caring about the extravagance of his gesture. It seemed to me he had been long awaited this tempestuous day; he got out of the waves just how he got in: naturally careless, in a hurry to get his clothes back on, as if the sea had done it for him, as if it had wiped away his trouble and now he could return to his daily evening routine. 

A boy with a dog passed by him in a hurried step. A woman, photographer by the looks of her gear, passed him heading to the other direction. The three of them intersected right then and there and we were there to watch it all, just as the skies opened up in an UFO shape in the distance. 

Montenegro, we'll be back.